Total Fitness team enjoy their first Phoenix Night

Tuesday, 18th September 2007

Tom Killeen, Manager of Total Fitness in Altrincham, together with five members of his staff enjoyed their first ever experience of Phoenix ice hockey on Sunday, and went home vowing to back every week.

Said Tom, "Obviously, the staff and myself have met the Phoenix players when they've been in the gym, and they are a great bunch of guys. But tonight was the first time any of us had been to watch the game, and it was a superb evening. I've been told that ice hockey is fast, but this was astonishing. How they skate that fast with all that equipment on and do the things they do is amazing. We are delighted that they use our gym and that we play a part in keeping them in good shape."

Tom Killeen also participated in the "shoot the puck" competition and scored with five of his six shots. "I wasn't expecting that at all. It was fun and I'm pleased I scored so I don't get stick off the staff or the players when they come in. All in all, it was a great night all round for us on our first visit and for the team to get such a terrific win. It's such a great evening for the family too, all the kids there were enjoying themselves, I'll definitely be back."

Next weekend, the Phoenix travel to Basingstoke on Saturday, before hosting the Nottingham Panthers at the Silver Blades Ice Dome on Sunday with face-off at 5.30pm.


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