Phoenix and thinkdata join forces

Tuesday, 15th July 2003

Manchester Phoenix are proud to announce and confirm the striking of a major sponsorship agreement with Manchester database marketing specialists – thinkdata.

Keith Adams, Managing Director of thinkdata, stated “Elite level ice hockey has attracted nearly 1.5 million customers into Europe’s premier event venue, the MEN Arena, since its introduction some seven years ago. Unfortunately, little is known about these valuable customers, their behaviour, attitudes or personal preferences because it was never part of the previous owners marketing strategy. Thinkdata will help the Phoenix build a profile of its customers so that it can effectively communicate with each one as an individual on a regular basis. This helps to build loyalty and turns a customer into a fan… the lifeblood of any sport.”

Phoenix MD Neil Morris enthused, “the timing for this could not have been better. I have been looking for ways of raising the profile of the sport to increase attendance and loyalty. Manchester has historically been the best-supported club in the UK, however we are ambitious. We believe we can grow our crowd by getting more people interested in the sport. Our home, the MEN Arena seats 17,500 people – so there’s plenty of room. Thinkdata has outlined a number of ways we can use direct marketing to achieve our goals, and we are very excited about working with them.”