Blood on the ice at Manchester Phoenix

Wednesday, 17th October 2007

Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey team welcomed a new recruit onto the ice this week - National Blood Service (NBS) mascot Billy Blood Drop.

The Altrincham-based side have teamed up with the NBS to highlight the importance of blood donation. Members of the team have pledged to roll up their sleeves and give a pint, and fans will also be encouraged to donate. There are even plans for players to hand out leaflets at games in an effort to drum up support for the campaign.

Manchester Phoenix General Manager Andy Costigan said, “It is so important that blood is available for those that need it. I’m a donor myself, and when I approached the lads about supporting this they were really keen to get involved. I’m sure our loyal fans will be just as eager to give blood for the team!”

Rachel Hollingworth, spokesperson for the National Blood Service, said “Every day in the North West, over 800 donations of blood are needed to save the lives of patients, and those patients rely on the kindness of volunteer blood donors. We hope fans of Manchester Phoenix really get behind this campaign. Every extra donation will make a real difference.”

Anyone aged between 17 and 59, weighing more than 50kg (7 stone 12 lbs) and in general good health could potentially give blood and save lives. For more information on becoming a blood donor or to make an appointment to give blood, call 0845 7 711 711 or visit



Billy Blood Drop with some of the Phoenix Team

The Phoenix Team and Billy Blood Drop are encouraging Phoenix fans to give blood.

Save a life - give blood 0845 7 711 711

The National Blood Service collects approximately 2 million units of blood each year from 1.3 million blood donors

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The NHS needs 8,000 voluntary donations of blood daily

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