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Second period costs Mets the game

Monday, 12th March 2012

Metros 3 - 6 Telford Titans

Telford came to the Dome on the back of a hot run of form which started just before Christmas: they had been beaten just once in thirteen games. Whilst their fourth place in the league was no longer under threat from the Metros, two points would give them an admittedly slender chance of overhauling Blackburn for third. In the event the Metros couldn't find an answer to the experience and skill of the Karol Jets plus Ashley and Ryan Stanton: at least one of them was involved in every Telford goal.

Telford began the game on the offensive but the Mets soon began to assert themselves territorially eventually outshooting the visitors 16 to 10 in the first period. Trafford opened the scoring at 12.33 with a rink long skate by Max Drakeley to the Titans left-hand blue line, he crossed, perfectly, to the far edge of the blue paint hitting the unmarked Alex Pugh who didn't miss to register his first goal of the season. The Titans responded in that vulnerable time after a score equalising through Dan Taylor under a minute later.

The second period was a disaster for Trafford: Telford ran in five goals to the Mets' solitary marker. After five minutes Ryan Stanton lofted a perfectly flighted pass down the left wing to an unmarked Jets on the Mets' blue line. You can't give so much space to a player like that! The Mets came back to score on the powerplay just under three minutes later: Metros Man of the Match, Cade King, scoring his maiden ENL goal with an accurate wrist shot from the slot after work by Max Drakeley and Jamie Rogerson. Once again the Mets gifted a goal to Telford immediately after scoring: Adam Taylor netted the first of his two goals; his second came just five minutes later. Ashley Stanton scored from brother Ryan on the PP at 36.01 and, with a minute to go, Rigby looked to have put the game out of the home side's reach with Telford leaving the ice 6 - 2 up.

The Metros pulled their socks up in the second interval and came out to score just a couple of minutes into the period after a face-off in the Telford left-hand circle: the puck came out from behind the net to Joe Greaves who fed Jared Dickinson to give the Mets some belief. Despite significant pressure, where the Titans were outshot by 22 to 7, the home side couldn't break through; even though, at times, it looked easier to scramble the puck into the net than not to do so.

Mets' stats: Max Drakeley 0 + 2, Jared Dickinson 1 + 0, Cade King 1 + 0, Alex Pugh 1 + 0, Joe Greaves 0 +1, Jamie Rogerson 0 + 1.

Nets: Dave Clancy: 10 + 17 + 7= 34 6 goals: (82.35%)

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