Clarification of Sunday face-off times

Monday, 22nd September 2003
Since announcing last weekend that future Sunday games might change to a 6pm face-off time, Phoenix MD Neil Morris has sought and listened to further opinion from the clubs fan base. As a result of this he has confirmed as of tonight that all Sunday games will continue to face-off at the regular time of 5pm. He stated, "I agreed initially to move face-off to 6pm to try and accommodate other sports fans but, it became apparent that this could affect the number of younger fans and their parents who have grown accustomed to 5pm. School the next morning is a big factor to parents and I would rather keep things as they are and retain that support than risk losing them. The youngsters, thanks to their parents bringing them now, are our adult fan base of the future and who knows some of these youngsters may one day become players."