Statement from Neil Morris

Saturday, 17th December 2016

The Manchester Phoenix has been made aware that the Ice Dome has had to retract their planning application as they had ran out of the statutory amount of time given to complete. An extra report was needed due to some change made recently and this would take a further 4 weeks to complete.

The Ice Dome will re-apply for planning early next week, giving them time to complete the report.

Neil Morris said this morning: "Despite the progress made, the team will be playing out of Blackpool for the remainder of the season. The club realise this is frustrating for our loyal fan base but I want to reassure everyone that we are working as hard as we can to resolve a few outstanding issues regarding the big picture and our long term goal.

"Alongside plans for the temporary Ice Facility it is also critical that we finalise the location and permission for a permanent home for Ice Sports in Manchester. We are working hard with investors to ensure the business plan is concrete and I am looking forward to publishing our plans in the New Year which will include our long term strategy and home"

Neil Morris

Phoenix MD: Neil Morris

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