Phoenix Christmas Message

Saturday, 24th December 2016

The Manchester Phoenix Organisation would like to wish all fans a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

This little club has some unbelievable characters that have never wavered in their belief that a great group of individuals can make a great club. You have all from day one shown Great British Ice hockey what belief can achieve. You are a credit to the Phoenix and sports fans alike. You have created moments in time that will never be forgotten Year after Year now for over a decade.

A big thanks also goes to what has to be the best supporters club in the land. It is run by some incredible people who again without there would be no Phoenix; they have always been the only third party independent support the Phoenix receives.

Then we have our sponsors who have been great from the beginning but to stay with us over the last two seasons while we found a new home have been magnificent.

And let’s not forget our volunteers - they have been outstanding with most of them now covering at least 2 positions each, outstanding.

We have just had a lovely thank you come in from Central Manchester’s Children’s Hospital thanking all the fans that donated Christmas Presents for the children that we took last week.

As always let’s finish by taking a moment to just think about all those who are a lot less fortunate around the world this Christmas time. And if you have a neighbour that lives on their own, pluck up the courage to just put your head in and make sure they are alright.

Have a great day with you family.. This little club will always love you all.. Merry Christmas see you all on the 27th December 2016.

NB The game will not be streamed at The Bierkellar on the 27th - if you are a season ticket holder that attends the Bierkellar regularly then please call or Txt the Phoenix mobile on +447421086356