Photography policy

The Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club is a fan and family experience to be enjoyed by all. To add to this enjoyment the club currently allows fans to take photographs for their own personal enjoyment and use.

The Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club owns all copyright and image rights of the club, its players, jerseys and any entertainment created by and controlled by the club.

The club does not give permission for any images taken by supporters or visitors to be used for any commercial use or for financial gain without the club’s prior knowledge and full agreement.

Any supporter or visitor found to be in breach of this arrangement will be ejected/refused entry to any or all Manchester Phoenix games and may also face prosecution.

Whilst we do allow photographs to be taken before, during and after games, this is on the understanding that the photographs are for personal use as mementos of the game and are not offered for sale or passed on for profit in any capacity.

The Club does not allow professional or semi-professional photographic equipment to be used at any point with the exception of official club photographers with prior agreement from the club. This equipment includes all SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Cameras (either digital or film), Telephoto Lenses, and Bridge cameras. Anyone found trying to enter with such equipment may be refused entry or may have to surrender said items until after the game.

The Club, in agreement with the league and all other teams, does not allow flash photography of any type to be used during the game, regardless of the direction in which the camera is pointed. This includes the pre-game warm up session.

If you have any further questions or require any further information regarding the Club’s photography policy they should email or ring 0161 301 6848.