GM review - 28/11

Tuesday, 28th November 2006

A lot has gone on in the past week and a lot has been said already so I'll keep this element of the review brief.
With the further delays to the Ice Dome confirmed and a new handover date now set, the club has once again put its back to the wall and come out fighting. Further financial support has been secured, agreements on ice times for all bar two of the scheduled games for December and January are merely waiting for the dotting of i's and the crossing of t's... and the guys on the ice exemplified the character within our club by knocking off Hull twice in one weekend. That paragraph makes light of the struggle the past week or so has been, but it does sum it up in the proverbial nutshell.
On a positive note, the Meet the Players night last week in the Sports Cafe was a big success - despite the blaring music that makes conversation all bar impossible - with the players and fans able to mingle and chat for the first real time away from a rink.
And the launch of Tony's book went well too. If you haven't got a copy, now is the time to talk to your family about getting you one or conversely, consider it for someone as a Christmas present. As you know, Tony has spent a lifetime in the game and is the best player this country has ever produced, and it's not for fun that people in the game refer to him genuinely as "The Great One."
Looking forward, the boys are off to Belfast on Thursday before another home and home weekend against the Edinburgh Capitals. The Giants are top of the league with a very experienced squad and are not there by accident, but we'll go there with confidence high and knowing we can give them a game. Edinburgh have added a new forward in Lou Dickenson and with him already scoring goals, they will make the long journey south to Deeside looking for something from their first away game against the Phoenix before we go to them on Sunday for our last visit to Scotland this season.
Thanks again for your tremendous vocal support last weekend and here's to another good week, on the ice at least, for our club.