Phoenix to hold trials at Blackburn

Wednesday, 4th June 2003
Manchester Phoenix Ice Hockey Club will hold ice hockey trials on Sunday, June 8th, at the Blackburn Ice Arena to evaluate the strength of local ice hockey in the North-West.

Together with members of the coaching staff of the Altrincham, Blackburn and Deeside ice hockey clubs, some twenty players will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and possibly secure interest from the newly formed Elite League club.

Phoenix Head Coach Rick Brebant commented, "It's very important for the future of British ice hockey that local talent is encouraged to strive to play at the highest level possible. One of the aims of the new Elite League is to develop British players for the long-term future and we in Manchester are keen to use local players who show the skill, desire and work ethic required to succeed in a tough sport. We are also committed to helping, wherever we can and in whatever way we can, the local clubs from Altrincham, Blackburn and Deeside to further develop local players for the future."

The trials will run from 6pm until 8pm and the Blackburn Arena will be open to the general public to come and watch. An entrance fee of £3 will be charged with the proceeds raised being donated by the Manchester Phoenix to a local charity.