Phoenix encouraged

Monday, 11th April 2005

Manchester Phoenix personnel in attendance at the Elite Ice Hockey League playoff finals weekend came away encouraged by the level of support, best wishes and interest in their planning for the future.

Phoenix Managing Director Neil Morris in particular sent this message to the Phoenix supporters: “I would just like to officially thank all the great fans that travelled to the Elite League finals in Nottingham this weekend to represent the Manchester Phoenix, you were just fantastic and great ambassadors for our club. More fans present than London and Basingstoke put together and we have not even iced a team this season. You all made me feel very proud. It was just another reminder of what we are all working so hard for behind the scenes. I realise that these are but a few words, but please accept my gratitude for your continued support...”

Elsewhere over the weekend, Phoenix staff fielded plenty of questions not only about the planned new facility, but also on potential head coaching candidates and even player recruitment. Club spokesman Andy Costigan said, “Naturally, everyone wants to know the latest developments on the new building and we’re as keen as everyone to confirm exactly what that entails for all ice sports in Manchester not just the Phoenix. Being present in Nottingham though, did give us chance to do some ‘networking’ and the level of interest in the coaching position and playing opportunities was very encouraging.

“The key position will obviously be that of head coach,” he continued, “and even ahead of last weekend, we’ve already had and made a few enquiries, and that early interest is very encouraging. We have some time on our hands and won’t be making any announcements in this direction until Neil is able to announce the full details of the rink. Up to now, that has been the primary focus – once it’s confirmed and under way, the appointment of the head coach will take centre stage and then our file of players interested will be theirs to consider. We’ve already had contact from and enquired about players, and throughout the year, we’ve stayed in contact with various agents who have been helpful in the past."

Manchester Phoenix media release