Revised Elite team fixtures

Monday, 16th February 2009

Manchester Phoenix GM Andy Costigan has now confirmed the following fixture dates as being cast-in-stone. All supporters should note that still to be confirmed is the date and time for a final AWAY game in Cardiff, that he and league officials are awaiting the Devils to advise a free date for and for Belfast to confirm the date and venue for the second leg of the Challenge Cup Final.

Andy commented, "This past week has been a series of late nights and practically constant review of almost every clubs fixtures in an effort to try and find the dates necessary for not just the Phoenix, but all those clubs who had games outstanding to diarise. And I want to thank the league for their help in finally bringing all this to a 99.9% conclusion."

Summary of Changes:

The home game against Edinburgh on Saturday 28th Febrary has been moved to 5th March with a 7:15pm face-off.

The away game in Cardiff on Sunday 1st March is now to be arranged.

The home game against Hull on Sunday 8th March is now on Thursday 19th March with a 7:15pm face-off.

The outstanding home game against Coventry has now been arranged for Saturday 28th February at the usual 5:30pm face-off.

The home leg of the Challenge Cup Final will be held on Sunday 8th March with a 5:30pm face-off.