Phoenix won’t rush planning

Wednesday, 8th April 2009

Manchester Phoenix officials are busy planning for the 2009-10 season on a number of fronts and are asking their supporters to be patient as a host of issues are given consideration.

General Manager Andy Costigan told the clubs official website, “we’re well aware that our fantastic supporters are clamouring for news of Season Ticket prices etc, but we have a lot of issues to deal with and we’re asking the supporters to bear with us. We know others have announced their ST packages, but we’re re-visiting the ticketing initiatives that we adopted last season to see if there’s anything else we can offer or changes needed to make the various packages even more attractive. Ticketing is too important an aspect for any club to rush into and we’re sure our fans will understand.”

“We’re also re-visiting all areas of the club budgets and cash-flow projections as costs and overheads are not always static and it’s very important that we get this crucial area of the business plan right before we go to press with other things.”

“Another area of immense importance to the club going forward is our activity in terms of the business community in attracting increased corporate sponsorship and advertising revenue. We had some great partners last season and we’re keen to keep as many of them on board for next season as possible. That said we can’t stand still, we have to continue to try and grow that area of the business and we’re very positive that the moves we’re making in that direction will bear fruit.”

Asked if the club would be altering it’s budget on team recruiting, Costigan noted, “We’re also looking at how best we can provide Tony Hand with the resources he needs to put together another entertaining and competitive squad. Tony has more than proven his ability to recruit a great squad and we’ve no doubt he’ll do the same again to make the Phoenix a team to watch and enjoy.”

Costigan closed saying, “Everyone connected with the club is working very hard to improve the organisation in everything we attempt to do. The season just finished was a tough one, not only physically on the players, but financially too. We can’t afford to and we won’t make decisions now that could adversely affect us further down the track. It’s vital that we build the business plan and the marketing plans effectively in order to drive the whole thing forward into the 2009-10 season.”

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Manchester Phoenix officials are busy planning for the 2009-10 season.

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