Hot off the press: fixtures and player information

Saturday, 6th August 2011

Just a heads-up for the fans. The fixture preparation this year has been an absolute nightmare for all clubs. We apologise for the lateness, but every detail has to be agreed by all clubs and the league before we can officially publicise the fixtures.

The good news is that all now looks to be agreed and the fixtures will be released on Monday 8th August at midday.

Thanks to all the fans for their patience.

One extra snippet of news for all of you out there. Things are looking good on the player front and the club should be in a position to announce our new defender on next week’s Phoenix TV. The office is just waiting for the contract to be returned and we can then reveal our new man.

That just leaves an import forward and a back-up netminder to complete the roster.

Keep your eye on the web site for up to date information on the fixture list and player information.