Phoenix flamed in Guildford

Wednesday, 26th October 2011

1.11 gone 2-0 flames. Longstaff snd huppe. 3-0 1.53 towe 4.27 and a 4th through hemmings phoenix reduced the arrears on 15.16 through martin cingel. Phoenix finished the stronger but go to the first interval three goals down.

Even period ended on 14.03 after Ladzi Harrabin took an accidental stick to the face. The remaining time will be played after the interval. Score still 4-1.

38.10 and the brave Phoenix defence lost Rempel who made it 5-1.. End of the second period 5-1.

44.09 and Phoenix pull one back with a daisy cutter from the blue line from Ben Wood. Phoenix pulled another goal back with a ciaran long goal with 5 minutes left.

Flames saw out the rest of the game for a 5-3 victory.

Coach Hand said, "We paid for a slow start but I cannot fault the lads' efforts. Losing Ladzi was a big blow. We will re-group and move on at the weekend.