Manchester’s dynamic duo on ice?!?!?

Thursday, 2nd February 2012

You can imagine it now, the dying seconds of the game, Phoenix with a break “...Boothroyd passes cross ice to Hand, Hand streaking up the wing, he’s looking for options... Cingel drives to the net... Hand passes to... MORRIS?!?!?”

OK, maybe a little far fetched, but it became closer to reality on Thursday January 26th 2012... when team owner Neil Morris, accepted the challenge from the Hero Project to join the team on the ice in 6 weeks and try to raise £5000 in the process for the Manchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation!

What’s that you say? Easy... he owns a hockey team! Well a few things you need to know before pledging your money. The rules have stated that no one from the club is allowed to help Neil in his challenge, that’s means all the Players and the coaching staff. Oh and did we mention that Neil has NEVER skated before in his life... don’t even think he has even owned a pair of skates!

So six weeks to learn to skate run two business’s make 3 trips abroad, take part in 4 live events, oh and go home at some point. All he has to do is get to a level where he can turnout with the team. We could see Tony “The Great One” Hand & Neil “The Other One” Morris on the ice together!

Now That’s worth Paying for alone...