Time to tame the Wildcats again

Wednesday, 4th April 2012

Swindon Wildcats stand between the J Davidson sponsored Manchester Phoenix and a place in the final four in Coventry.

The all-important second leg of the quarter finals is on Sunday night face off 1730. By face off Phoenix will know exactly what they have to do to make the finals weekend, having played in Swindon the previous evening.

Let’s make no bones about this; it will be a tough weekend. The Swindon offence is really on fire and with ex Elite player Aaron Nell, supported by Jonas Hoog, Michal Pinc, Jaroslav Cesky and Nicky Watt, is the most potent offence in the league. Nell especially, with 46 goals in 38 games, has set the league alight since his signing in the autumn. They have toughness too, with Watt, Cesky and Moore each with over 100 penalty minutes.

Phoenix, however, will not be intimidated by them, as results have shown this season. Phoenix took the regular season series by 4-2, winning all three games at the Dome and one in Swindon. Martin Cingel, Juraj Faith and Tom Duggan will all be looking to add to their totals and help the team to qualify.

This game is not for the faint hearted, it will be a fight to the finish, even with overtime and penalties on Sunday if necessary.

It is a game not to be missed. Bring your mate, bring your granny, bring your boyfriend, girlfriend or even somebody else’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Just be at the Dome on Sunday night and cheer on Manchester’s fastest and most exciting sports team, Manchester Phoenix, to the finals and glory.

You know you want to!