Phoenix Flames compete in the National Cheerleading Championships!

Monday, 10th May 2004

This weekend saw the Phoenix Flames first outing in their new uniforms, purchased by Phoenix fans, but in true Phoenix style - it was a close run thing! The Phoenix Flames outfits were ordered in time to be delivered from the United States, but only half of them arrived. The other box - containing the Flames skirts is still somewhere between East Midlands Airport and Phoenix HQ.

Sarah Williams, Coach of the Phoenix Flames said "It was awful for the girls, to have half of the outfits was worse than nothing at all! We tried everything to get hold of them, but with no joy!" Following some urgent calls on Saturday morning, Anne Edgar of The Harlequin Worshop in Nelson, Lancashire, agreed to make new skirts for the Team that day - but even then things didn't quite go to plan.

Sarah explained "I got a phone call at 6.30 on Sunday morning to say that the skirts weren't ready as Anne's sewing machine had broken during the night, but that she had got it fixed and was working on them, and would deliver them to the Velodrome.

Fortunately, they turned up, as promised, 30 minutes before we were due to compete. The girls were delighted, and they put on a performance to match the uniforms. The Flames would like to pass on their thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!"

Although the Flames did not win, their performance was a credit to Manchester Phoenix and its fans.

The Team Photo (from left to right, back to front)
Charlotte.H, Rebecca.M, Nikki.R, Steph.W, Lauren.C, Zara.W, Laura.B, Sarah.W, Laura.M, Nadia.M, Caroline.D, Holly.P, Laura.M, Laura.F

Anyone interested in joining the Flames, or trying cheerleading, should e-mail