Sometimes you can just try too hard

Friday, 26th September 2014

Although Phoenix have not got off to the perfect start we would all have liked, we have outshot our opponents on every occasion.

In an attempt to go up a gear the guys have been pushing very hard in some electrifying practices this week. Unfortunately this morning there was a collision involving  young forward Jacob Corson-Heron which resulted in Jacob needing to go to hospital for treatment for a suspected broken collar bone.

Only minutes after Tony Hand getting the practice under-way again , Shaun Thompson aggraveted an old injury to add to the injury woes.. With the Phoenix already missing Frantisek Bakrlik, Coach Hand has a real task  on his hands re-organise the team to being able to withstand what was already looking like a tough weekend.

Tony said after practice

“All we can do is turn up for both games and give it our best. The rest will be up to the fans to try and give us a couple of extra guys from the stands to help out”

Manchester never seems to ever do things the easy way. As always, the Phoenix Faithful will be behind the team whatever the outcome. All at the club would like to wish Jacob, Shaun and Frankie  a speedy recovery, and in the meantime “Lets Go Phoenix”.