Silver lining on the horizon

Wednesday, 17th December 2003

The dark clouds that have dogged the Manchester Phoenix in recent days with two players having left the club are swiftly being blown away by the winds of new arrivals.

Head coach Rick Brebant confirmed on Tuesday evening that terms have been agreed verbally with a new forward and a new defenceman with talks still proceeding with another forward. Brebant noted, “Things change quickly in sports and today I’ve agreed terms and faxed out contract offers to two players with a third in the pipeline. If we get the paperwork back on Wednesday, I don’t see any reason why the two should not be with us for the weekend and possibly the third guy as well. That deal still needs I’s dotting and t’s crossing, but we are close.”

Phoenix will release news of the players as soon as possible after the contractual paperwork and league registrations have been completed and accepted.