Serva fidem…how apt for the Phoenix

Wednesday, 30th December 2015

Firstly if you are reading this and you are not from Camp Phoenix and you have tried to help our club make its target for this month, then a big thank you from Tony and I. We have needed all the help we can get and you people are what keeps hockey alive. #Respect.

And for all those that have stayed true in our camp, thank you – you really are amazing people. You do realise that most sports fans would of given up and gone home by now! The most important thing in life I have learnt is believe. I believe in this great club and I believe in Tony and most importantly I believe in you. You are Phoenix, not Tony and I, we just represent you on and off the ice.
You have been outstanding and we are just over 80% of making our target and taking this club into January. We need one more big push. Get your friends to tell your friends to tell their families. We now have a just giving page linked to the Supporters trust page:

Are there any other clubs who want to be in our wall at the new building? Any ideas to raise money just contact us, we are all ears. Let’s go Phoenix we have come this far you know we are going to do this with a big effort and some help from our friends.

So what have I got Tony doing while all this goes on.  Well he has a really easy job. He just has to find us some reinforcements so we can fight back on the ice. All he has to do is find us an import and a British player for less than our current playing budget that included Nico. It’s a walk in the park for our number 9, don’t tell anybody but this is where his heritage comes in very handy!

We know we have been in desperate need of reinforcements, and the guys in the team have been outstanding. If we are to put more bums on seats then we need an attractive product. I am maybe a little emotional of asking so much from the guys in the changing room, but we are Phoenix and while I have all my friends, we will keep fighting.

Thank you to everybody everywhere for all your help with what is still a great club, no matter what size it is. So please tell your friends, family work colleagues about our campaign. One big last push, we can do this, I know we can.