February supporters meeting

Friday, 19th February 2016

As promised, the monthly supporters meeting can now be confirmed. It will be held at 5pm at the Deeside Leisure Centre on the 28th February 2016 before the Phoenix vs Bracknell game.

At the meeting Neil Morris will provide an update on the Phoenix Ice Hockey clubs current status. He will also have an update on the temporary facility that they are hoping to play out of next season, and as always you will have your chance to ask questions at the end of the meeting.

Neil Morris wants to also take this opportunity to thank everyone of you that has helped the club survive this long, in very difficult circumstances. Your loyalty to this club is unsurpassable. The way you have responded to the negative news he has had to deliver including asking you for help like paying for the last game of each month in January, February and March has been exemplary.

Manchester Phoenix fans have been accused of many things this season but the club recognises you as some of the best sports fans in the British Isles.