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Tuesday, 1st March 2016

Well, we are into March and we are just about still here, contrary to our well reported demise by many on social media. Faithful, stand up and take a bow. It’s you and some great hockey friends that have got us to this point.

If I am honest, back in November when I asked you all if you wanted to try and carry on or call it a day with the Phoenix, I was not too sure that getting this far was even remotely possible. 

Now we have the hard part. How do we get this operation down the home straight to the line at the end of March? We need one last big push. We still need to fund raise. If you have not bought a brick and have been saving, then now is the time to see if you can. If you fancy owning a small part of your favourite sports team as an investor, just mail me. 

I do believe this will be our hardest month yet as we will have exhausted most avenues by now.

While we still have not been able to reveal the details of our temporary home back in Manchester, I would like to thank Manchester City Council and our partner, Ice Tech UK, for all the help over the last 6 months. They have both been absolutely fantastic. I have asked them both to help me fulfil a goal. Our target is to reveal the location of the temporary structure before we finish playing this season. Whether people say I am mad or not, I really believe we can make it then.

Perhaps we should just have a big celebration at the end of the season when we make it through. We usually have an awards evening. I think this year’s should just be one big party.  A job for those lovely people in the supporters’ club methinks. Can I also take this opportunity to thank the sponsors who have stayed with us this season? You know what they say - when the going gets tough... the tough get going. Some just walk away when you go through a season like this. It let us find out who our friends were. A big thank you too, to the small handful that come and support us week in week out. If you see them, shake their hand.

May I finish with an apology for having to play our outstanding home game with Telford on Wednesday 9th of March in Telford. We could not get any ice time in Deeside or Sheffield and we must fulfil the fixture.

Believe me, we have tried for weeks to get a better outcome. More details in an hour about this game.

Onwards and upwards. Let’s all put our positive belief to use and help the team win their quarter final tie with one of the top four teams to qualify for the Coventry Finals.

As always Serva Fidem it has worked, so far.

Neil Morris

Neil Morris

Phoenix Boss - Neil Morris

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