New rink update

Monday, 9th January 2017

As the planning process for a temporary home has taken longer than expected, the lifespan available for the temporary ice rink at Hillkirk Street is no longer sufficient for it to be economically viable.

Therefore, the Manchester Phoenix today accepted a kind offer from Silverblades Ice Rinks to play out of their Widnes Ice Facility. This modern ice facility is only about 40 minutes from Manchester and will be much more accessible for the Phoenix fan base than their temporary location on the Fylde Coast. This will provide the opportunity to construct a commercial platform for the Manchester Phoenix playing out of the Silver Blades Ice Rink Widnes, while a long-term solution can be brought to fruition.

The Phoenix has been struggling with the economics of playing at the Fylde Arena for much longer than originally planned and on the ice with a very short bench. It is now the intention for the team to utilise more young British trained players under the watchful eye of Tony Hand for the remainder of this season. We would like to thank our imported playing staff for their efforts this season but we are forced to release them due to the financial constraints now placed upon us. The club is grateful for everybody that has pulled on a Phoenix shirt this season.

Tony Hand said “The last couple of seasons has been tough for Neil and I but we both believe in the end game. The road has been difficult but sometimes what does not break you just makes you stronger. I am looking forward to working with a good group of British trained players that will work there heart out for what are probably the best fans in Ice Hockey, the Phoenix Faithful.”