Farewell party postponed

Thursday, 19th January 2017

A possible investor has asked for the postponement of the farewell party tonight (19/01/2017) at the Bierkellar, Manchester 19:00. In the spirit of co-operating with any options for the future, the Phoenix has agreed to this request.

The interested party has also asked Tony if he would take the team to Swindon this weekend while he looks through the financial responsibilities of taking over the Manchester Phoenix. This is the only scheduled game this weekend and Tony is now working out the logistics of how to make this happen.

The evaluation has only just begun and the businessman has made it clear that he has made no commitment yet and would like a few days to evaluate the situation before making a decision.

Team management are working very hard in the background trying to support this rescue plan in any way they can, however they will insist on a final decision next week.