Phoenix blueline boosted by The Chief

Tuesday, 7th November 2006

With the defensive corps stretched almost to the limit last weekend, Manchester Phoenix coach Tony Hand called on KC Timmons to drop back onto the blueline and the player nicknamed Chief responded well to the challenge.

Native North American Timmons noted, “we knew in training last week that David (Vychodil) would probably be doubtful for the weekend and so we were all preparing to help out at the back. I practised on ‘d’ most of the week and so when Tony asked me to drop back on Saturday, it wasn’t a shock.”

The 6ft 3ins left-winger has the physical size and strength to battle with opposition forwards and his efforts on Saturday rightfully earned him the Man of the Match award despite the loss to Coventry.

The Chief added, “I was a bit more comfortable out there than I expected to be. Of course it’s a different role but, the team was and is hurting a little right now so somebody has to do it and it doesn’t bother me. I just want this team and club to be successful, I love it here and if that means playing out of my normal position, that’s what I’ll do.”

The Phoenix fans recognised his efforts and the Chief reciprocates the feelings, “our fans are amazing. They turn up everywhere we go and make so much noise, it’s a real lift for the team. Like us, they’re waiting for the new arena in Altrincham to open and we can’t wait to reward them with some big wins on our own ice.”