Ice Dome earns praise from all quarters

Monday, 5th March 2007

The new Altrincham Ice Dome drew praise from many as Sunday night saw it host its biggest crowd yet for a Manchester Phoenix game in the bmibaby Elite League with close to 1400 fans in attendance.

Representatives of the visiting Nottingham Panthers expressed their admiration for the still not completed building. Head coach Mike Ellis said, "this looks to be a really nice development and I can't wait to see it finished." Forward Matus Petricko nodded his agreement saying, "this is a nice building and you can see the potential ahead when it's full with people."

Mick Holland of the Nottingham Evening Post congratulated the Phoenix organisation for their efforts in getting the building operational, "Looking from a distance at what the Phoenix have been through is a story in itself that only they can tell. I cannot help but congratulate them, I'm really glad I came tonight. There's still work to be done to complete it, but they made us welcome and gave us entertainment both on and off the ice. It's a super building and like Mike, I can't wait to see it finished, the atmosphere with a full house will be something to behold."

Amongst the bumper crowd on Sunday were former Altrincham Aces and Trafford Metros players Ged Smith and Pete Broadhurst - both of whom also iced for the Nottingham Panthers during their playing careers. Smith commented, "We thought we'd come along and see what the Dome is like and it's a smashing facility - just what the area needed. Broadhurst noted, "it's just a pity the Dome wasn't built and ready when the old building on Devonshire Road was closed. Hockey and ice sports was always part of the local community, it's good to see it back at last."